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Our association

Our main goal is to bring more innovation to the wheelchair market. We hope our projects will improve the quality of life of people with physical disabilities all around the world. We want to achieve this goal with the following three projects.

Members and supporters of Rollon
Stefan Wäfler
Initiator of the Roll on association

“When we started developing a wheelchair that was modelled on the spine, we quickly realized that it had to look different than any other existing model.”


Daniel Kägi

“Because of my brother, I came into contact with wheelchairs early on in my life, and even as a young boy I felt a wheelchair should offer its user more.”
- Idea hatcher -

Patric Bhend

“The wheelchair market needs more innovation. I see everyday problems that still haven’t been resolved.”
- Manager of the Solina foundation -

Roland Bircher

“I always appreciate when people contribute to the wheelchair market in a creative manner.”
- Wheelchair user -