Active support

Are you a developer hungry for knowledge, an innovative manufacturer, a communicative networker, a marketing professional? Or are you good at organizing and want to dedicate yourself to a meaningful project? We are happy to welcome you to our team!

How it works

In the Rollchair Cloud, you’ll find a lot of know-how, the newest ideas and the current state of the project. You work on the project in your area of expertise and save your suggestions in the Rollchair Cloud. This way, all participants benefit from each other and contribute to bringing the Rollchair to life. All your work, such as drawings, files, translations or videos, will be identified with your name and logo. Ownership of copyrights and rights to patents remain with you. However, financial returns on copyrights and patents should be used for the association and ultimately be of service to the RollChair users.

State of affairs

Further development


Rollchair Cloud

The association manages the Rollchair Cloud and its contents, which will be published in coordination with the participants.


What we offer our active members

✓ Access to the Rollchair Cloud
 ✓ Mention on “History Picture”
✓ Placement of logo
✓ Certificate
✓ Newsletter
✓ Community