How, where, what?
Intention and projects of the association Roll on.

Our main goal is to bring more innovation to the wheelchair market. We hope our projects will improve the quality of life of people with physical disabilities all around the world.
All our wheelchair developments are open source and therefore open for everyone worldwide to actively participate. We are starting with three projects to achieve this goal. Join us!

1. The LowTech Wheelchair

The LowTech Wheelchair enables the user to move forward in the positions "standing" to "lying", even overcoming everyday obstacles with ease. You had 10 ideas in mind right away? Great!

2. The HighTech Wheelchair

The idea behind this vehicle is a clever combination of a conventional wheelchair and an exoskeleton. Here you can give free rein to your ideas and try to make the impossible possible. Why don't you start right now!

3. The innovations platform

An online platform that has a lot to offer: You can download our start set, upload your own designs or further developments, share them, discuss them with others or let yourself be inspired by other innovative inventions, ideas and thoughts around the topic of aids and locomotion!

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“Because of my brother, I came into contact with wheelchairs early on in my life, and even as a young boy I felt a wheelchair should offer its user more.”
Idea hatcher -Daniel Kägi

“The wheelchair market needs more innovation. I see everyday problems that still haven’t been resolved.”
Manager of the Solina foundation - Patric Bhend

“I always appreciate when people contribute to the wheelchair market in a creative manner.”
Wheelchair user - Roland Bircher

Stefan Wäfler
Initiator of the Roll on association

“When we started developing a wheelchair that was modelled on the spine, we quickly realized that it had to look different than any other existing model.”

Why should you support this project?
You believe in our idea, and like us, want all people worldwide to have access to a wheelchair source for improved mobility and quality of life. You are an inventor, engineer, designer or a dedicated supporter, and with your know-how and your donation, you want to help a non-profit organization and our project to have a further reach.

We are looking for you. Join us actively!

Are you a developer hungry for knowledge, an innovative manufacturer, a communicative networker, a marketing professional? Or are you good at organizing and want to dedicate yourself to a meaningful project? We are happy to welcome you to our team!

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For the price of a Big Mac or, in case of organizations, of 10 Big Macs, you help the association develop wheelchair projects. Your contribution makes a difference.

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