Rollchair is open source - Join us

A collaborative project

A collaborative project  

Our association’s vision is to develop such a wheelchair suited to everyday life and offer it at an affordable price to people with physical disabilities all around the world. We’ve already come up with promising ideas, designed different models and successfully tested their functionality with simple means. Now, we would like to share our ideas with you and develop them collaboratively.


Rollchair is open-source - Join us!

"Rollchair" is crowd innovation! Patent specifications, inventions, design principles, construction plans, idea sketches and artwork are available to you worldwide free of charge and free of licenses for use in subsequent collaborative development. What we want to achieve is crowd innovation! We believe that inventing also has something to do with discovery. We are looking for you! Inventors, tinkerers, designers, developers. Join us! If we combine our inventive spirit worldwide, we can really make a difference! You will get the boilerplate from us. You can use existing blueprints, construction principles, idea sketches, artwork as a starting point and we will be extremely pleased if you share your further developments with the "Rollchair" community, so that everyone can profit again!


„Rollsimply“ A simple, inexpensive wheelchair available worldwide, that enables its user to master day-to-day challenges.

Rollchair Joy

"Rollchair Joy" an innovative wheelchair model whose design plans we open-source for further development and manufacturing.


"Exoroll" An exceptional combination of traditional wheelchair and exoskeleton.

What good is the wheelchair idea in the eyes of an expert?

Sebastian Tobler is a lecturer in vehicle construction at the Bern University of Applied Sciences. He knows design studies and construction plans - and knows what he's talking about: As a quadriplegic, the engineer has been wheelchair-bound himself since a mountain bike accident in 2013. "The project is interesting; it offers technical innovations," says Tobler, who is scrutinizing the wheelchair with his students. As examples, he cites the cornering lean angle or the fact that leaning travel is possible in a horizontal seating position. "And the many different positions." (Jss)

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