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Safariseat is a revolutionary, low cost, all-terrain wheelchair.

It’s easy to repair, and can be manufactured with basic tools, using locally available materials and components.

Safariseat gives people independence, unlocking access to education, employment and a life beyond the confines of their own home.

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Building the mountain bike of wheelchairs

Developed in a class at MIT, the Leveraged Freedom Chair is an affordable, all-terrain wheelchair made up of bike parts and a lever system. In this video, four MIT alumni share the story of how a class project became a mass-produced product.

If we combine our inventive spirit worldwide, we can really make a difference!
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The next generation of wheelchairs


We are all different shapes and sizes. We live, work, study and play in different environments. One size doesn’t fit all. In recent years, charities like Motivation have relied on standard size wheelchairs that are shipped around the world.
Motivation InnovATe is developing a new way to locally produce made-to-measure wheelchairs that are specifically assessed, prescribed and designed to suit individual users.

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